We are Black Heart Brewery; we are a home brewery located in Binghamton, New York, and we are in the process of becoming a nanobrewery. Coincidentally, these web pages are in the process of becoming our website. We are overhauling the whole thing, adding much more content, as well as many more new sections.

Black Heart Brewery was founded many batches of home brew ago between two high school friends, Brett Martin and Jay Maslar. See what happens when you seat people in alphabetical order? We currently brew 10 gallon all grain batches on our custom, hand made heat exchange recirculating mash system; it is named HERMES. It is capable of fully automated brewing and extremely accurate data display and recording with our cutting edge Brewtroller 4.0.


About Us

We have completed our own brew system, and are knocking out pilot batches as quick as we can. We now are designing a heating and cooling system for conical fermentors. Simultaneously, we have started designs for an all new brew system. It is going to be slightly over 3 barrels (100 gallons of beer per batch) and hopefully will be completed by the end of the year. We are also in the business and licensing phase of the endeavor, with hopes of being fully licensed by January of 2012.  

Where we are heading